At the beginning of April our demonstrator was Jane Gordon from Renfrewshire and her title was “Spirit of Adventure”.


Whilst Jane told us a bit about herself she created an arrangement inspired by her current job in a leisure centre, a horizontal arrangement containing blues and yellows took shape above a glass vase containing all the bits and pieces you would find on a trip to the swimming pool.

Jane's 2nd creation 


As an escape from the world of work Jane’s second arrangement took us on a journey. A grid stand had been dressed with scrunched blue material and contrasting white cane. To the front of this was placed liatris, aspidistra and cryptomeria.  Into this Rosa “Marie Claire” and lemon spray chrysanthemum were added, a finishing touch was given by a “SAFAS Tours” luggage label.



Our port of call with the next design was the Alps.  Aspidistra and ivy formed the groundwork, spray Anastasia chrysanthemum, spray carnations and an oriental lily all in different shades of white made a lovely fresh arrangement.


Jane's final creation

Travel can be a tiring business so now we had a seat to relax on.  A miniature wooden garden chair provided the stand for a background of green laurel, broom and bergenia Rubra with a lovely red tinged edge.  Rosa “Aqua”, a two-tone carnation, white lily and dainty pink spray roses filled the design.


Finally, things hotted-up with a vibrant depiction of Cuba.  Dried strelitzia and manipulated phormium gave height to the design.  Fatsia and Kentia Palm added that tropical feel.  Red carnations and an orange lily called “Art” gave heat to the arrangement and a lime cymbidium orchid added a final touch of zing, bringing our adventures for the evening to an end