Royal Horticultural Society of Aberdeen

Summer Show 2018

The RHS Aberdeen Summer Show at the end of August was well suppoprted by members both as competitors and visitors.  Well done to all who took part, here are the winning entries from our members, more photographs can be found in the 2018 Photo Album.


Anniversary for Two - Ann Allan 2nd   Cathedral Celebration - Ann Allan 2nd   Secret Garden - Ann Allan 2nd  

In Music is Such Art -  Ann Allan 1st   In Music is Such Art - Maureen Taylor 2nd   In Music is Such Art - Fiona Davies 3rd

Magic Carpet - Maureen Taylor 1st   Magic Carpet - Madeleine Fraser 3rd   Fun and Frolic - Madeleine Fraser 1st

Fun and Frolic - Fiona Davies 2nd   Chinese Whispers - Maureen taylor 1st   Chinese Whispers - Madeleine Fraser 2nd

Chinese Whispers - Frances Moore