February 2013 and what a miserable evening it was but, despite the heavy snow falling, a large number of members turned out to welcome Steve Ludlum, our demonstrator for the evening.  Originally from the South of England, Steve has lived and worked in Dundee for many years.  His title
for our demonstration was “Winter Warmers” inspired by visits to warmer climes around the world.


Steve's 1st Creation




The demonstration commenced when Steve produced an elegant candle stick which provided height in this yellow themed design, tree heath and skimmia afforded contrast in the foliage, ivy trailed from the arrangement and cleverly looped back through to create enclosed space in the design.  Tiny narcissi glowed from the centre and yellow gerbera and roses were added, cream freesia provided the finishing touch to this design, which was complemented by a matching “one I made earlier” placement.


Steve's 2nd creation 



Beautiful red edged bergenia leaves were the central foliage in Steve’s next arrangement.  Myrtle and jack pine complemented the bergenia and tulips, roses and carnations in shades of pink completed this eye-catching arrangement, which Steve placed in a wicker stand, elevating it to eye level.



Steve's 3rd creation




Steve’s next design was inspired by a stroll on the beach.  Utilising a locally sourced, dramatic piece of driftwood as a back drop he placed ferns and trimmed palm leaves around the driftwood giving it a desert island feel and complemented the arrangement with lily, carnations and roses in toning shades.



Steve's 4th creation





India was the next destination.  A cream vase with elephant handles was the base for an arrangement of tall dark phormium leaves, spotted laurel and fatsia.  A dark pittosporum picked up the colour of the phormium and striking lime carnations and orange gerbera, colours much associate with this country, completed the design.



Steve's 5th creation




Next, a lovely arrangement using blocks of colour gave a twist to “Ireland in a Basket“.  Blocks of Irish yew gave height and hebe “Purple Queen” linked the foliage to the flowers.  Dark chrysanthemum, a beautiful dark hellebore harmonised with bi-colour carnation and tulips.  Pampas grass added a finishing touch when it was placed in the design and, folded at different angles gave a modern feel to this arrangement.



Steve's 6th creation





A bit further East now to China and to a low centred dish Steve added groundwork of plain laurel leaves contrasted with pieces of cupressus.  Pink alstroemeria and two-tone carnations were added next, then veronica gave height and lisianthus line to this pretty arrangement.



Steve's 1st hand-tie


Finally, Steve produced three hand-ties from the “leftovers” which contributed a lovely addition to the raffle.



We all enjoyed Steve’s demonstration as he chatted away, answering our questions and telling us stories of how he first became involved with floral art and of his experiences.  It was a lovely start to what is going to be a very busy year for the Club.


To see more photos of Steve's dempnstration, go to the Photo Album section by following the link on the left of the screen.