Since our last meeting, our Club has had the opportunity to participate in many flower events throughout the summer months.  The climax was surely the SAFAS display at the Chelsea Flower Show, which was a huge success, gaining a Gold.  Later this season, our President, Ann Allan, who was a team member, will be telling us all about it (see Future Events).  This was quickly followed by the NAFAS Show in Bournemouth where two of our members, Johan White and Fiona Davies, took part.  Further successes were achieved by Club members at the RHS Show in Aberdeen and also at the local Banchory Flower Show.  Our congratulations are extended to all participants and winners.


With this hectic flower bonanza behind us, we were delighted to welcome back Marie Rutherford from Falkirk who last visited us in June 2011, closing that season.  So, to this time opening a new season, Marie’s title for the evening was ‘Travel Memories’.



Marie's 1st creation

The first design took the shape of a three tier stack, which reminded Marie of her childhood holidays in Crail, Fife, where for many a year, happy days were spent playing and exploring the area.  Pieces of driftwood were placed along each tier with blue cupressus, ivy and eucalyptus from her own garden covering the mechanics and rumohra used as filler.  Lemon carnations were initially placed throughout the placements, followed by fabulous lime green anthuriums in the centre.  To complete the arrangements, yellow gerberas with green centres were interspersed through the design resulting in three fresh, stunning raffle prizes!




Marie's 2nd creation


 Marie’s next destination was the Far East.  A large aluminium plant trough held two placements, which Marie linked with a vertical framework on one and a corresponding horizontal framework on the other.  Marie visited Thailand and Japan when the World Flower Show took place and her memories were of a beautiful lush country which she mimicked in this stunning design incorporating sculpted palm leaves, variegated ivy, single headed lime chrysanthemums interspersed with cerise carnations and to complete the oriental theme – purple dendrobium orchids.



Marie's 3rd creation



Two years living in Kuwait provoked memories of heat and dust storms that inspired Marie’s next design, which was placed in a large open weave dark wicker vase-shaped container filled with chiffon.  Two preserved palm leaves protruded vertically and horizontally with pieris and ivy leaves covering the floral foam.  Rich burgundy cala lilies flowed through the design following the line of the palm leaves with three bright orange exotic “pin cushions” placed to draw the eye into the centre of the design.






Marie's 4th creation



A holiday to Italy, including a visit to Verona, inspired Marie’s penultimate design emulating the “chic-ness” of the country.  A low container was covered with Hebe to disguise the mechanics and a firm, descending line of beautiful blue agapanthus was inserted.  A contrasting pinkish alstroemeria was “blocked” around the base down one diagonal and the other diagonal was “blocked” with a lighter shade of pink Rosa (from Morrisons!!).  Marie completed the design with double loops of Midelino sticks to offset the pink around the base area.




Marie's 5th & final creation 




Marie’s last memory came from Across the Pond – Chicago “My Kind of Town”.  This design was represented by a tower block with two placements, both with three curled aspidistra leaves inserted upwards and two lengths diagonally downwards.  Fatsia leaves and variegated hosta leaves were centrally placed giving a glossy, lush foliage background.  Red lilies were staged in a downward line and red gerberas were interspersed throughout together with red carnations.  A few “Tesco”(!!) roses completed the design to marry the shades of the red blooms.




Marie’s ‘Travel Memories’ triggered chuckles of laughter throughout this relaxed evening as her sense of humour shone through her demonstration.  In addition, her tips and advice were, as ever, appreciated and we hope it will not be too long before we have the opportunity of welcoming her back to our Club.