Gardening Scotland 2016
 detail 2



Congratulations to Ann Allan and Johan White, two of Aberdeen and County Floral Group's talented members, who won a Gold Medal for the beautiful exhibit "Diamonds and Rust" at this year's Gardening Scotland.




The title is from a 1975 Joan Baez song lyric and the girls produced a stunning interpretation for their design, from the rusty metal picked up from the banks of the River Don to the sparkling "diamonds" hidden in the depths of it.




Well done Ann and Johan.

detail 3 
 Detail showing the lyric from which the title was taken  Ann Johan  Detail from the base of the design
 detail 1  detail 4
 The diamonds are sparkling in this detail from the exhibit  Ann and Johan with their Gold Medal winning exhibit at Gardening Scotland 2016  Beautiful colour tones and textures are repeated through the design