Audrey's 1st creation

As we now live in a throw-away society, Audrey was inspired to use containers and materials that can be used again and again and therefore began her first arrangement with a recycled ‘Oasis’ ring which had been packed with a floral foam block, halved and cut to size to fit. Skimmia, hebe, conifer, dried hydrangea, dried and dyed iberis and the last of summer hosta leaves were randomly placed at a low level around the ring with large headed green chrysanthemums interspersed through the foliage and green carnations grouped in clumps. To compliment the hydrangea heads Audrey placed side shoots of echinops through the design. Once complete the ring was placed on the floor in front of a screen which Audrey suggested could be created from vine, ivy, cornus or salix with fabric and ribbon woven through the plat material. Audrey had also attached test tubes to the screen from which hung additional hydrangea and chrysanthemums.