Another view of Audrey's 2nd creation

Audrey had attended a wire workshop and for her second design was re-using the wire frameworks which she staggered across a floral foam block that had been placed in a large red, shallow dish. The frameworks, which could also be converted to a wall hanging perhaps with test tubes, was made with sticks covered in post box red raffia and a reel of matching red aluminium wire wrapped around, in and out of the sticks, finally stamping on it structure to secure it. Fabulous strong physalis were placed alongside and in-between the wire frameworks creating vibrant autumnal colourings. Audrey demonstrated how the “lanterns” could be opening up by turning back the petals to make a different form. Large headed orange gerbera enhancing the richness of the arrangement were also placed through the design with their heads turning in various directions. A big favourite of Audrey’s – tree ivy – was used to cover the floral foam at the base of the design. A few carthamus heads were scattered through the glossy green leaves of the ivy with large black berries to detract from the boldness of the base.