Audrey's 4th creation

Audrey decided to reuse a tall container that had been passed on to her from a friend who had taken early retirement from demonstrating. Large, tough, Cycas palm leaves which had dried to a parchment colour were dramatically placed at various angles. Audrey had given the Cycas a touch of green spray. Bergenia leaves from Audrey’s own farm garden, like most of the foliage used this evening, were placed downwards to balance the design. Purple liatris was staggered down the centre of the design. Large purple cabbage heads were placed to one side and beautiful ‘Aqua’ roses were placed on the other side complimenting each other. To finish the arrangement Audrey used glossy choisya leaves around the base interspersed with hypericum berries. A small placement was added to the foot of the tall container which included the ‘Aqua’ roses and cabbage heads.