Maragret's 2nd arrangement

With thoughts of the approaching royal wedding, Margaret's next arrangement was suitable for all sorts of celebrations - a change of flower colours could take it from an arrangement suitable for an engagement to one for a wedding, or for an anniversary. Margaret used phormium leaves to link a pair of matching vases into which she had fixed candle cups with Oasisfix®. Whilst completing this arrangement, she told us of the many other uses for Oasisfix® she had come across over the years, which included holding together the display shelves of the flower shop she had bought when she first set up her own business. With the phormium in place, and some leather leaf fern added to provide a contrasting texture, red tulips were placed in the design which gave it a flowing feeling then red gerbera giving a contrast in shape of flower. The arrangement was completed with steel grass threaded with glittered balls which again linked the two placements.